It is not easy to give a general idea of my production. The search for new solutions is part of my creativity. I particularly pay attention to the image of my pipes which, though they can differ significantly, an expert eye can recognise the harmony of line and the perfect balance. I take especial care over these aspects that are to be seen in all my products.

pipe classiche 2CLASSIC LIGHT PIPES
These contain the essentiality of a pipe unifying sobriety and beauty. Seemingly easy to produce, in reality there is always room for error of interpretation. Every element must have its rightful place. A well-made pipe will conserve its everlasting fascination over the years.

pipe raccordo galalitePIPES WITH GALALITH JOINTS
Classic and freely interpreted models with narrow shanks jointed in galalith - a beautiful material of natural origin very similar to ivory, also used to decorate jewellry. The combination of materials results in an object of both beauty and sobreity.

pipe ghiera argentoPIPES RINGED WITH SILVER
Classic and freely interpreted models embellished with silver. They are beautiful and elegant, in delicate equilibrium - never heavy in appearance.

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