My pipes are finished and polished with carnauba wax. Aniline dyes are applied with a brush. The dyes are first diluted in alcohol - no more than 5-10 grams/litre.

A litre of colour is sufficient for more than 500 pipes. The tints are applied to the pipe to bring out the beauty of the grain and never to mask it. For this reason I never use the “two-tone” finish which requires the colour to penetrate and so drastically reducing the natural porosity of the briarwood.


Varnish, laquer and other products are likewise banished from my workshop. The more rustic pipes are polished using only shellac (French polish).
After a short time the smooth pipes lose the natural shine of the wax and take on the “lived-in” look that gives the pipes their fascination as the natural porosity of the briarwood comes to the fore.


Due to the work process in the laboratory, the rustic pipes are more porous. The polish does not compromise the finish. They smoke well from the outset, although they require a little more time to acquire the "lived-in" look.


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